When I was 16 years old, and at the humble beginnings of my life as an artist, I spent every cent I had ever saved on buying my beautiful Melville guitar, and I have never looked back. Whether it be a simple folk song or a complex finger style arrangement, the Melville in all its beauty instantly engages me with the creative zone. Often when I am playing or writing music, I find myself wondering if perhaps the wood itself is imbued with a magical life force of its very own, such is the depth and resonance that makes playing it so enchanting. Songs and words seem to melt out of it's silver like clarity, and the complexity of the tonal colours make it such an absolute pleasure to compose with. Above all, you know an instrument is special when you play a single note and all you want to do is sit and listen to it ring out into the world, and as me and my sound engineer discovered, you'll be waiting a while for it to finish ringing out. What a privilege it is to play such a special instrument. I will always be very grateful.

Alesa Lajana

Truly inspiring. The 'Melville 000' guitar used on my latest recording is exquisite. Impeccably crafted with the most beautiful tone I have ever heard. To have used a lesser instrument would be doing the music a disservice.
I am astounded by the level of craftsmanship you bring to the making of guitars and marvel at your ability to tirelessly tend to every detail. My new '000' is a magnificent instrument which consists of the perfect playability, comfort, aesthetic and richness of tone- it is simply a joy to play. I am ecstatic at the fact that I have finally found an instrument that will enable me to get on with the business of making music. Many thanks

Lucas Michailidis

Chris Melville's guitars have a full, warm, singing tone and fantastic colour response. They are extremely well balanced with an even response throughout all registers. Harmonics and sustain are exceptional and the guitars record beautifully. They are very comfortable to play and the finish is perfect. Chris' customer service is excellent and his attention to detail is second to none.

Karin Schaupp

Both of my Melville's are incredible! I've played a lot of instruments from all over the world and your guitars are definitely world class.

Tommy Emmanuel

Christopher Melville's guitars are among the finest instruments I've been lucky enough to play. The level of workmanship and quality of materials is as good as it gets and as an added bonus they also sound superb!
It is without doubt one of the very finest instruments I've ever seen. The neck feels great, fingerboard width perfect. Design is restrained beauty itself......what can I say, except it sounds incredible too. I'm not great at the flowery descriptions of how an instrument sounds but there is a sustain, depth and clarity to this guitar which is just out of this world. I'm so happy!...

Tony McManus

("One of the worlds greatest and most innovative guitarists" - The West Australian)
When I first played one of Chris' 000 guitars, I knew that my search for the ultimate fingerstyle acoustic instrument was over. To find a guitar that had the full rich tone, playability, and gorgeous design aesthetics that I was looking for was simply incredible. One very happy customer right here.

Bart Stenhouse

Some 25 years and almost the same number of instruments later, I have what I have been looking for. Marrying craftsmanship of the first order with a fine appreciation of what a guitar player wants, Chris has made me a Melville 000c that is an ‘unalloyed’ pleasure to play. The neck is perfect for my finger-style jazz, and I am particularly impressed by the instrument's warmth, responsiveness, and clarity. Not only do I now play more, but I come away from practice sessions wanting to start all over again. This is a guitar for life. Thanks Chris

Richard N

Chris, All I can say is I hope I don't roll over and crush it tonight in my sleep! I was supposed to play it for a few minutes and then go Christmas shopping downtown at 5pm. Now its 11:30 and I never made it out of the house. My first impressions are that it feels like 'me'. I feel connected to it and surprisingly comfortable with it; it just feels like 'my guitar'. I feel really inspired and motivated to play my best because whatever I give it, it seems to give me back double. I have never felt that way with any other high end guitar I played.

It also sounds very even across all the registers which I really like. I can play it really soft but it has great sustain and surprising warmth considering it's brand new.

Overall though, I'm just thrilled. I feel like a grown up now, if that makes any sense. Like I finally have an instrument that fits me and that I can grow into and develop with. It's really quite remarkable but my first impressions are that I'm ecstatic.

Thanks for your craftsmanship Chris - its fabulous.

John K, Chicago USA

I have been searching for the perfect guitar. I knew exactly what it had to sound like in my mind and had been seriously looking for a year or so, playing every high end guitar I could get my hands on. When I played a 'MELVILLE' it was instantly stunning,- incredible clarity and warmth with a huge dynamic range! Since that time it has had a busy schedule playing "Irish gigs" (using a multitude of tunings) and has appeared on scores for film and television. Even though I use a variety of altered tunings the neck hasn't moved at all in 2 years and it plays as beautifully today as when I first bought it.

Stephen Joyce

Proprietor of "Sonic Architecture" (Composers for film, television & advertising)
Having heard several of Chris Melville's guitars before ordering my own, I should have been prepared for the power, clarity, and just plain beautiful sound of my new 000 model, but I wasn't. The sustained harmonics emanating from this instrument are truly outstanding. The custom fitting of the neck and string spacing is just right, making this great sounding guitar a joy to play. Thanks Chris!

Richard Y

Thankyou for the loan of your guitar for our recording. Besides being a work of art, the engineer said it was the best guitar he had ever recorded and I agree. I can't wait to get my own.
Chris, I can't thankyou enough. My new Melville Dreadnought is everything I was hoping for. It looks beautiful and sounds even better - lovely overtones and resonance, with volume to burn. The customised string spacing works beautifully. It will change the way I play guitar.

Andrew Heath

(The 'Poachers')
I can't tell you how pleased I am with my new “Melville”. The craftsmanship is better than anything I have ever seen, and the sound is exquisite. The guitar certainly has great volume and the best sustain of any guitar I've owned. The action is perfect and it sounds great in the altered tunings. I particularly like the simple but elegant rosette and the comfortable neck. The tuners are the smoothest I've ever used. Thanks for all the suggestions as to how to appoint the guitar and for the photo updates showing the various stages of construction. Again thanks Chris such a wonderful instrument

Dennis M

Chris, As the owner of two custom Melvile guitars to date and soon to be three (these being a dreadnought, 000 and the 1st Melville Grand Aud 12-string), I would like to express my gratitude to a luthier/guitar maker who really takes pride and care in his work. Because of Chris' attention to detail he has produced in my opinion the best looking, feel and sounding acoustic guitars that I have ever come across and would recommend him immensely. One could never lose interest or enjoyment in playing a guitar when they own such beautiful instruments. Thank you Chris.

Chris, As a guitar enthusiast I am delighted with my recent purchase of a Melville Grand Auditorium 12-string acoustic guitar. I now own three Melville's. The 12-string certainly complements my OOO and dreadnaught 6-strings. For almost a week now I have enjoyed it immensely, probably played it exclusively to date. It is so easy to play, the neck shape is perfect for my hand size and the action is incredible for a 12string. In regards to the sound, it has incredible sustain and depth in tone. Unlike most other 12 strings that have that typical high end jangle sound this guitar has strong clarity across it's broad spectrum, even in its base component giving it a much fuller all-round sound.

Thank you once again for such an incredible sounding and beautiful looking guitar. The artwork is exceptional. The pride you take in your guitar building really shines through. I would certainly recommend a Melville guitar to anyone.

Peter P

Melbourne, Australia